Ballsy Boot Burglar on the Loose in Bernal Heights

Badass Bernalwood Press
Asshole steals pair of boots

What's more more aggravating than trying to rush out the door for work and not being able to locate your shoes? Nothing, of course.

Check out this brazen boot thief who was caught on camera snatching a nice pair of Red Wing work boots from the front porch of a Bernal Heights home. As the Bernalwood Press first reported, "Orlando" left his boots on the stoop after a long day at work, perhaps to avoid dirtying the inside of his house, per his significant other's request. But when he awoke the following morning, the boots were gone!

Orlando reviewed his home security camera footage (see those things do come in handy) and saw that just before 4 a.m, this unidentified man pictured above swiped the leather footwear and booked it.

From Orlando via Bernalwood Press:

I've had them for ten years, and they were made of the finest cow hide that Red Wing stocks for their specialized work boots. Here is a picture of the incident. Has anyone seen this guy? Our neighbors should be aware that he is making late night/early morning rounds. And moral of the story is, don't leave any strollers, shoes, jackets or anything out at night. It will disappear.

In any event, if you see this man walking around the neighborhood, give him the boot.

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