BART Strike to Continue Tuesday

Oakland BART station looking rejected
Hopefully, Monday was enough time for you to learn how to get around town without the help of BART. If not, you still have Tuesday to nail down the perfect route.

BART officials announced this evening that the strike will continue Tuesday, as union workers have shown no indication they will head back to the office tomorrow morning.

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Here's the full statement:

BART has received no indication that ATU and SEIU will return to work tomorrow, Tuesday July 2nd. Commuters should make alternative plans. Should ATU/SEIU call off their strike we will notify the public via and the strike alert email notifications. Sign up for strike alerts at

We are sorry that the actions of ATU and SEIU have caused such a tremendous disruption to the people of the Bay Area. We are working hard to bring a fair and responsible resolution to labor talks.

Union reps have not yet returned messages.

BART workers walked off the job Monday at midnight when their contract expired. The unions have been pushing to get more money, better healthcare, and a promise of more safety measures, saying there's been an increase in violent crimes at BART stations. BART management yesterday made some last-ditch offers, including a 2 percent raise for one year, then a series of 1 percent raises for three more years, but the unions weren't biting.

On Monday, as commuters crushed into charter buses and ferries to make it to work, BART called on the unions to put an end to the strike. Rick Rice, spokesman for BART, issued the following statement after the morning commute:

"We are sorry peoples' lives have been disrupted by the union strike. This strike is not necessary and we call on union leaders to end it and join us at the table so the Bay Area can get moving again," he said. "The District has informed the mediators that we are hoping they can schedule talks very soon. We are prepared to negotiate the significantly improved proposal we delivered on Saturday.

"Unfortunately we do not have any further information on when negotiations will resume or how long the strike may last. We're doing everything we can to get our people back to work and the trains running for everyone in the Bay Area," Rice added.

The situation is so inconvenient that even local politicians are trying to intervene.

"We have heard from some elected officials who called us in the last few hours, asking if there is anything they could do," Josie Mooney, a chief negotiator for Service Employees International Union Local 1021, which represents 1,433 mechanics, maintenance workers and staff told the Chron. "We said yes. Have BART management send us a new offer."

So there you have it -- another great day for the beach.

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Michelle Bechen
Michelle Bechen

Give them a living wage in an area that is so expensive to live in they have a tough time feeding their families. We need BART


Blah blah blah! This is why I live in SF! Fucked up people in Oakland! Glad Bart has stop running who fuckin needs Oakland people coming to SF

aliasetc topcommenter

How are the gang bangers going to get to the City for the big holiday weekend?hh

Brandan Podestá
Brandan Podestá

How does it feel to gain at the expense of many? Thanks for your selfish behavior, its truly appreciated by us all.

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