BART Strike: How to Get to Work Today

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BART workers are ditching out on work today, but that doesn't mean you can, too. So how can you accomplish work amid this commute meltdown? Here's a few ideas we came up with that'll surely impress your boss:

  • Shift your work hours so you're not on the road with everyone else.

  • Carpool -- don't be that guy, by himself in an eight-person car tailgating the person in front.

  • Be one of the 2,000 lucky ones who make it on the limited charter bus service BART is providing today. The transit agency will run 58 buses that will carry commuters from the El Cerrito del Norte, Walnut Creek, Dublin-Pleasanton and Fremont stations to a spot near the San Francisco Transbay Terminal from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

  • SamTrans and Caltrains will be crowded and slow. Know that in advance, give yourself extra time. Keep your clothes on and stay calm.

  • SamTrans will provide buses at temporary stops outside San Mateo county BART stations.

  • SamTrans will also have a free shuttle run from Daly City and Colma to a temporary transit center on Mission St. between 6-9 AM and 3-7 PM (Mon-Fri).

  • Be thankful that AC Transit didn't go on strike, too, because that's your best bet for getting across the Bay Bridge. Here's your rider's guide.

  • Or just telecommute. What's the point of all this technology if we can't work from home in our pajamas every now and then?

We'll keep you posted on this mess. Good luck.

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SF Weekly's Jennifer Baires contributed to this report

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Robert la Bohème
Robert la Bohème

Posted around 10:30 a.m. so not as useful as it might have been. :)

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