BART Strike: Prepare for Day 3 of Commuting Hell

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Day 3
Yes, the BART strike is probably definitely happening again on Wednesday.

Although BART and the unions were back at the table talking shop through the evening Tuesday, nobody left happy -- including commuters. According to BART, there's no indication, once again, that workers will return to the office Wednesday, which means there's no end in sight to your commuting hell.

BART sent out the following statement Tuesday night:

Commuters should make alternative plans. Should ATU/SEIU call off their strike we will notify the public via and the strike alert email notifications. Sign up for strike alerts at are sorry that the actions of ATU and SEIU have caused such a tremendous disruption to the people of the Bay Area. We are working hard to bring a fair and responsible resolution to labor talks.

Tuesday at 6 p.m. was the first time both sides were scheduled to talk again after BART employees walked off the job Monday when their labor contract expired. But, according to news outlets, neither side was moving any closer and as of 9 p.m., the morning commute wasn't looking smooth.

The unions have been pushing to get more money, better healthcare, and a promise of more safety measures, saying there's been an increase in violent crimes at BART stations. BART management yesterday made some last-ditch offers, including a 2 percent raise for one year, then a series of 1 percent raises for three more years, but the unions weren't taking it.

You can find alternative commuting options here.

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Leslie Fulbright
Leslie Fulbright

The ferry is awesome. I dropped my boyfriend off at Jack London at 10:15 for the 10:30 departure. He used a Clipper card and was in SF before 11.


fire BART management. employees deserve a raise. this place is getting fucking expensive.

aliasetc topcommenter

BARF is a public taxpayer owned entity we own it and if your employee was a fuckup what would you do?? FIRE THEM NOW!!

Sa'adi Nasim
Sa'adi Nasim

BART Management + BART Unions = Ungrateful Punks.

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