Watch Out for Those Post-Independence Day DUI Checkpoints

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This is not your ride home
The Fourth of July might be over, but the DUI checkpoints (and fireworks) aren't.

San Francisco police will be keeping very close tabs on those drivers who were planning to extend their Fourth of July celebrations well into the weekend. In other words, if you plan on polishing off the rest of that bottle of vodka from Thursday night, best you lose your car keys first.

San Francisco Police Department is warning everyone that they will be out conducting saturation patrols tonight and Saturday night, along with DUI checkpoints.

Here are some tips from the police that we gave out last weekend for Pride celebrations. Whether it's gay weddings or fireworks, these still apply:

  • Figure out who is staying sober and driving home, before you start drinking. Don't wait until later and vote on who is the least drunk.

  • Don't ply party-goers with alcohol, stick to one or two drinks over several hours, rather than six drinks over one or two hours. In other words, cool it with the binge drinking, this isn't a contest.

  • Remember those police-approved mocktails? Pound as many of those as you like in an hour.

  • And finally, when all else fails and you spot danger, call 911 and congratulate yourself for not being the problem for a change.

Also, watch this:

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aliasetc topcommenter

San Francisco goes very lightly on drunk driving, as drinking is a main industry in the city. Even a drunk fireman driving a fire truck that hits a motorcycle injuring the rider gets a walk.

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