Cops Say Ye Meng Yuan, Teen Victim in Asiana Plane Crash, Was Run Over by Fire Truck

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Victims of the Asiana Plane Crash
Police confirmed this morning that one of the teen victims of the Asiana plane crash was run over by a San Francisco Fire rescue truck, although they've not said whether or not this is what killed her.

The victim has been identified as 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan, a student from China who was on board Asiana flight 214 that crashed at SFO last weekend, killing two and injuring 180 others.

According to SFPD spokesman Albie Esparza, as SF Fire responded to the incident, a foam was dispersed to combat the burning fuselage that resulted from the crash.

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Ye's body was discovered by a fireman on Saturday, the day of the crash, laying on top of a rescue truck's tire tracks, which made police think the victim might have been covered with the foam, obscuring her body.

"After one of the fire trucks repositioned itself, a body was discovered in the tire tracks left by one of the fire trucks," Esparza told us.

Ye's body was found on the left side of the aircraft about 30 feet away from where the Boeing 777 came to rest after it skidded down the tarmac.

Note: In Chinese terms, names are arranged in order of "family name" and then "given name", not "first" then "last" name, as is Western custom. Hence, Ye is the victim's last name.

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