Asiana Plane Crash: S.F. Counselors Available to Help Distressed Witnesses

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Inside Asiana aircraft after the crash
It's been nearly 48 hours after an Asiana Airline jetliner made a crash landing at SFO, and for some people, the terror of it all might be just now starting to sink in.

That's why the San Francisco Department of Public Health has dedicated a group of mental health counselors to assist anyone who witnessed the plane crash and the chaotic aftermath -- and is struggling to cope with it.

Many people were on the ground when the plane crashed Saturday morning and saw the incident first-hand -- some as travelers, others as workers, staff, and responders, health officials said. Seventeen mental health workers were dispatched to SFO on Saturday to help victims and others deal with the trauma, and those same services will continue for as long as needed, according to health officials.

"We are encouraging anyone who feels a need to talk to a counselor to call 311 and ask for mental health counseling," said Jo Robinson, Director, San Francisco Department of Public Health's Behavioral Health Services.

If you're experiencing feelings of anxiety, sleeplessness, intrusive thoughts, or feeling angry or irritable after witnessing the incident, you might consider taking the San Francisco Health Department up on its offer. "These symptoms would most likely appear shortly after the incident," Robinson added.

Feel free to access the mental health counselors by calling 311 or (415) 701-2311.

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Joey Sinner
Joey Sinner

Saw it unfold but couseling come on????

rmajora topcommenter

Oh, the poor dears! Witnesses to an accident that happened to other people are going to need counseling? Is this some kind of make-work program for shrinks?

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