Hey, People: Don't Snack on Those Poisonous Meatballs Found on S.F. Streets

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Don't eat these
We kinda thought that went without saying, but apparently, the cops are a little worried that hungry folks might eat one of those poisonous meatballs that have been sickening pups, killing one dog, around San Francisco.

The cops issued another alert over the weekend about the meatballs, explaining that a more detailed analysis of the ingredients revealed that the meatballs were made with a "high level of strychnine."

According to the Center for Disease Control, Strychnine is a "strong poison" that is found in the form of a white, odorless, bitter crystalline powder that us primarily used as a pesticide.

Per the CDC:

Strychnine prevents the proper operation of the chemical that controls nerve signals to the muscles. The chemical controlling nerve signals works like the body's "off switch" for muscles. When this "off switch" does not work correctly, muscles throughout the body have severe, painful spasms. Even though the person's consciousness or thinking are not affected at first (except that the person is very excitable and in pain), eventually the muscles tire and the person can't breathe.

Police are warning that the poison can be absorbed by unprotected handling of the meatballs. In other words, if you see a meatball, put some heavy duty gloves on before you touch it.

Police have been investigating an ongoing and very bizarre case of poisonous meatballs, most of which have been found Upper Market Burnett area where one dog was sickened -- and died -- after noshing on one; the meat treats were obviously left out to kill dogs, police have said.

If you come across these meatballs or anything like it, please call 911. And be careful walking your pets in the area.

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Catch the motherfucker and make him eat the balls with hot sauce

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