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Now, there's a challenge for Saint Francis
It doesn't take a pure cat person to know that some dogs are too ugly for words. Instead of attempting to beautify dogs who aren't so easy on the eyes, their owners have decided to reward them for their crooked tongues, rat's nest fur, and general icky appearance.

This week is the annual World's Ugliest Dog contest at the Marin County-Sonoma Fair, where lovers of fugly dogs compete to be the top (ugly) dog.

But one thing is for sure: These beastly-looking pups have big paws to fill. Last year's winner, Mugly, had perfectly abhorrent traits, making him a shoe-in as the most hard-featured pup on the globe -- and he's competing again this year.

Of course, it's entirely up to you to decide which dogs most closely resemble monsters. Here's a few of this year's contestants:

via World's Ugliest Dogs/Marin County
via World's Ugliest Dogs/Marin County
via World's Ugliest Dogs/Marin County
via World's Ugliest Dogs/Marin County
Pretty ... pretty ugly.

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