United Airlines Forgets to Pack Toilet Paper on 10-Hour Flight, Travelers Find Other Ways to Wipe

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-- United Airlines
Yes, flying can get more uncivilized.

A United Airlines flight departing SFO earlier this week, bound for London, reportedly forgot to pack an important item for the non-stop 10-hour trip across the ocean: toilet paper.

So along with a safety demonstration, the airline crew had to instruct passengers to dig around their bags and purses for some alternative wiping machinery -- a napkin, a tissue ...

The crew was kind enough to offer cocktail napkins as an alternative.

Needless to say, passengers were grossed out, and the reactions didn't vary much, saying things like "that's disgusting," and "that's terrible." Another passenger noted that the cost of plane tickets really should guarantee toilet paper.

United Airlines was profusely sorry, but pointed out that stopping to stock up on TP would have delayed the flight, and you know how we all feel about late planes. So the airline issued the following statement Thursday:

We apologize to our customers on this flight for the inconvenience and would like the opportunity to welcome them back.

Now might be a good time to remind travelers that United Airlines was recently ranked the worst airline in the country.

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With my aversion to public facilities well ingrained from grammar school in the '70s, I can regularly go 10 hours with no discomfort at all. Unless, of course, I'm trapped on a plane with a hundred people talking incessantly about going to the bathroom.


I guess the second 'e' in 'Travelers' was a little too pricey for the SF Weekly headline budget.

Christine Luc
Christine Luc

Guess you could say it was a really shitty flight

aliasetc topcommenter

From now on United will have a $5.00 surcharge for toilet paper. Time to carry your own or not fly United!

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