Two Shot at Muni Stop, One Dead

Two people were shot at this Muni stop
Two people were gunned down while sitting at Muni stop in the Hunter's Point neighborhood this afternoon, killing one man and leaving a woman clinging to life.

Sgt. Dennis Toomer said that at about 1 p.m. the two victims were sitting at a bus stop at Westpoint and Middlepoint roads when they were shot. The two unidentified victims were taken to San Francisco General Hospital where the male victim died from his injuries.

The female victim is being treated at the hospital for life-threatening injuries, Toomer said.

SFPD officers are on the scene, canvassing the area for evidence and looking for anyone who might have seen the shooting.

"There is no suspect information to be released at this time," Toomer said in a statement to the press.

The Medical Examiner's Office tells us they have no identified the shooting victim at this time.

That's all we know for now.

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Gino Luca Giancana
Gino Luca Giancana

I use to live near double rock and I use to get beat up twice a week for 3 years just walking home from work , these guy don't care about human life , i saved enough money to move to seattle and I've never been assaulted since then !


@Barbara Mcwilliams  You mean ' the guns ' that keep shooting folks , all by themselves ?

Spontaneously ?


@Sa'adi Nasim  Hunters point  aka the ghetto, the hood...

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