Tim Redmond Departs Guardian Amid Staff Cuts (Update)

Exit Redmond...
Tim Redmond, the editor of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and a 30-year employee of the paper, has left the building.

Redmond acknowledged his departure via this terse post on his new blog. He claims "a major disagreement over personnel and editorial direction" with Todd Vogt, the president of the San Francisco Newspaper Company, led to Redmond's abrupt departure. The former editor says Vogt informed him his resignation had been accepted, but claims to have never submitted a resignation.

Vogt is also the president of the San Francisco Examiner and SF Weekly.

Also announcing a departure today from the Guardian "effective immediately" was Caitlin Donohue, the paper's culture editor. Guardian staffers were told that earlier plans to eliminate three editorial positions have since been stayed, for now, with the departures of Redmond and Donohue.

Vogt has not yet returned SF Weekly's messages. A written statement from Stephen Buel, the S.F. Newspaper Company's editorial vice president, is printed below:

"The Guardian has been losing money, and we were forced to contemplate some editorial layoffs. Tim decided to resign rather than follow through with what we were discussing. I am dedicated to reversing the Guardian's fortunes and helping it grow again.

While we will all miss Tim's skills as a journalist, I would like to assure the Guardian faithful that it will remain the progressive newspaper of record in San Francisco. I suspect there will be some skepticism about that, but over time, I am confident that readers will not be disappointed.

And for the record, the very first story that I ever wrote as a freelance journalist appeared in the Bay Guardian back in 1981.
Update 4:30 p.m.: Vogt says Redmond abruptly resigned yesterday at the tail end of a three-week reorganization process of the Guardian -- in which Redmond had been participating. Vogt maintains that Redmond "absolutely, positively" offered a resignation to both him and Buel. Vogt said that Guardian managing editor Marke B and Buel will assess the needs of the paper and, during this period, "there are absolutely no other layoffs planned." 

 "I have ultimate faith in Steve and Marke," Vogt told us.
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This is not just about Tim Redmond, its also about the people who put their lives on the line to get the truth.  We would be either poisoned or in some kind of police state if it weren't for brave reporters that believe our constitution is about democracy, liberty and justice.  Tim Redmond's commendable deed defines, actions speak louder than words.


At a time when we need the truth more than ever, Journalist are diminishing at an alarming rate.  Being a Journalist is a big responsibility, they're required to get the story, be sure it's accurate, while being impartial and fair.  Unfortunately these days, they are either being censured, spied on or laid-off.  Mr Redmond understands this and is sick and tired of the constant disrespect of a necessary and honorable profession.

sebraleaves topcommenter

Thank you Tim Redmond for having the guts to tell it like it is.

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

They all stink. Redmond had kissed Big Bruce's outsized rear for 30 years, Buel character assassinated his fellow SJ Merc reporter Gary Webb and also helped wreck the East Bay Express. If it weren't for the sex ads the BG would have disappeared decades ago. I'm not one of the feminazi censorship types but the glaring hypocrisy of the ever so PC SFBG is not inspiring. I hope the SF Weekly will maintain a distinct editorial policy.


I do not believe a single word stated by both Buel and Vogt. Redmond's departure means the soul of the Bay Guardian also departed. Why didn't Jones get the managing editor's job? I bet advertisers will leave or buy less ad space due to the diminishing credibility of the "progressive" weekly.

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