Richmond District Hydrant Has Been Gushing Water Since Last Week

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Elaine L./richmondsfblog
Thirsty much?

A hydrant near Spreckels Lake in the Richmond District has been gushing water all over the street since last week, and a Rec and Park official says it'll continue spilling out until Friday.

But water worriers need not worry. As it turns out, the hydrant is not a fire hydrant, per se, rather, it's the property of Rec and Park and serves as a backup for firefighters. Currently, the water spewing from the hydrant, located along Fulton Avenue, is coming from Spreckels Lake, which is being drained to allow for maintenance and repairs in and around the lake.

Your average fire hydrant collects water from a variety of sources. But the green hydrants owned by Rec and Park, like the one on Fulton Avenue, access only groundwater, which is what fills the lakes and irrigates vegetation throughout Golden Gate Park.

Sarah Ballard, spokeswoman for the Rec and Park Department, says she expects the draining to be completed by Friday and crews can begin shoring up a retaining wall and repairing a pathway around the lake. The work is expected to be completed by mid-August.

Ballard says signage had been posted around the lake and more recently around the hydrant itself, especially now that the public has grown curious and sorta concerned about the copious amounts of water spilling onto the streets.

And because we know you're wondering: The water -- every drop of it -- will flow into the combined sewer system through city drains.

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