San Francisco Newspaper Publisher Calls Off Michelle Shocked Show Amid Controversy

San Francisco Newspaper Company President and Publisher Todd Vogt has ditched plans to host a free Michelle Shocked concert, saying it's done more harm than good to the community.

Vogt, who also owns the SF Weekly and SF Bay Guardian, released the following statement to the press today:

I am officially canceling the plan to have Michelle Shocked come to San Francisco and perform a free concert and apologize for her recent anti-gay comments. I had hoped that her concert and apology would have held the performer accountable and shine a light on hatred and bigotry, but, unfortunately, it has not. Having Ms. Shocked stand in front of a San Francisco audience and perform her music was intended to help heal, but has only further angered and offended the community.

I sincerely apologize to all.

Mike Koozmin/SF Examiner
Todd Vogt
Vogt had announced via Twitter plans to bring Shocked back to San Francisco to perform a free concert, and make amends with the community after she spouted anti-gay remarks during her show at Yoshi's earlier this year. At some point, the club managers cut her mic and booted her off stage.

And thus began the downfall of Michelle Shocked. Soon after, venues across the country began canceling the folk-singer's performances.

Vogt explained in an interview with the Bay Area Reporter, the gay newspaper of which Vogt is in the process of becoming part-owner, that he was "sick" over what happened and that his intentions to have her come to San Francisco have been misrepresented and misreported.

Vogt tweeted earlier today:

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Will there still be an interview with her in SF Weekly? Did she write an incoherent letter to be published in the Examiner?

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