San Francisco Kids Are Pretty Damn Healthy, Study Says

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Despite all the things you hear about kids getting more fat than exercise in their day, San Francisco parents need not worry about their kids getting sucked into the truffle shuffle.

A new study says San Francisco County is the second healthiest places in the country for children, trailing behind Marin County which is officially the healthiest place for kiddos.

U.S. News published a list Tuesday of the top 50 healthiest counties for kids, which revealed that six of the Bay Area's counties are keeping their youngsters rosy-cheeked.

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Marin County had a perfect score of 100 percent and San Francisco County was close behind at number two.

Experts at the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute looked at metrics including the percentage of babies born under five-and-a-half pounds, incidences of teen pregnancy, and easy access to parks as well as physicians to determine a county's health score.

Here's the full list:



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