Man Finishes 700-Mile Jog Across California

Richard running
Over the weekend, while you were sleeping in and then napping on the beach, Richard Nares was finishing his not-so-moderate jog across the state of California, Forrest Gump-style.

Need we remind you, Nares is the 59-year-old SoCal man who decided to run 700 miles -- from San Francisco to San Diego -- to help raise awareness (and money) for cancer. He was inspired by his son, Emilio, who died from Leukemia in 2000.

And get this: It only took him 30 days and 60 pairs of socks to run the state.

He started his jaunt in San Francisco on May 4, and ran for a month, raising more than $70,000 along his journey for the Emilio Nares Foundation. He averages 26 miles a day (that's one marathon every day) using up eight pairs of running shoes and a lot of ice for those post-marathon ice baths he took.

Here's some footage of the super-fit Nares arriving in Malibu:

As he crossed the finish line on Saturday at about 11 a.m., cancer patients that he's supported through the years were there to greet him and thank him for having such a great heart -- and we're not just referring to his physical prowess.

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