Reptile Rally to Make Snakes, Alligators Seem Not So Abhorrent After All

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Why would you want a kitten? Just look at that face.
Since it's rattlesnake season and all, we'd thought we'd try to put a positive spin on reptiles, especially those who are looking for someone to love, not to eat.

This coming Saturday, Petco is hosting a reptile fete of sorts throughout San Francisco where you can learn all about why these cold-blooded critters make great pets -- and maybe, if you're warm-blooded enough, you'll decide to take one home with you.

You wouldn't be the only one shacking up with a snake or turtle -- according to the Pet Product Association, there are some 13 million reptile owners across the United States -- and at least two of them live right here in the Bay Area.

In any event, the reptile rally begins at 12 p.m. where guests can chill with seemingly not-so-chill animals like the bearded dragon and a snake. If you already know how awesome reptiles are, then bring your leathery-skin pet in to the store and enter them into the Raddest Reptile Contest. Also, if you're having trouble deciding between the python and a turtle, Petco staff will host a reptile matchmaking game to help you get to know the animals before taking one home.

On that note, here's some interesting facts:

• Tortoises are one of the oldest creatures on Earth and they have very long lifespans. Russian tortoises can live up to 50 years with proper care.

• Ball pythons, once comfortable with their pet parents, are known to gently curl themselves up around their pet parent's arm when happy. They are extremely gentle, docile and graceful animals.

• Bearded dragons get their name from its scaly throat, or "beard," that it will puff out if feeling threatened.

• Bearded dragons are relatively new to America. They were first introduced to the country from Australia in 1990.

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The reptile trade consumes thousands of animals a year.  Yes some are from domestic breeding, but scores more are taken from the wild for the exotic pet trade.  Half or more die in transit from the field to the pet store or dealer.  Go see them at the zoo instead.

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

What happened to my comment which was posted yesterday ? Turtles, yes. Snakes, NO !

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

Forget it ! Turtles, great. Snakes, no.

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