Raging Castro Dude's All-Night Rampage Sends Him Into the Bay -- and Then Jail

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Not the suspect, but definitely an angry man
Last night got interesting in the Castro District where a very angry man got into a heated argument with his neighbor, sparking a long night of fiery scenes that could easily be played out in a movie.

Here's what happened: The man got into a confrontation with his neighbor, which enraged him to the point that he allegedly took a hammer and bashed his neighbor's door. Afterward, he hopped into his newly bought Range Rover and sped off, KTVU reports.

Next stop: a SoMa Chevron station.

The suspect reportedly then drove to a Chevron station at Sixth and Harrison streets where he then got into a fight with a homeless man who asked him for cash. When he refused to give the man money, the homeless guy slashed the angry man's tire and ran off.

This of course created more fireworks. According to police, the man went to the gas station clerk and demanded he pay for the damaged tire. When the clerk told him to come back when the manager was around, the man allegedly got back into his Range Rover and drove it into the front of the station before driving off.

KTVU reports that the suspect drove to a tow yard where he spoke with a police officer before fleeing in his new, yet trashed, Range Rover, leading the cops on a chase across the Bay Bridge.

The high-speed chase continued into Berkeley, where the suspect got a second flat tire; perhaps feeling defeated (and deflated), the suspect drove off into the water at Berkeley's Aquatic Park near Ashby Avenue at around 11:30 p.m.

He then got out of his car and started to swim, but quickly proved he was losing steam. He didn't get very far, before police caught up with him. He was taken to a local hospital, and then presumably off to anger management.

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Anger management indeed. I should say this person needs some serious psychiatric help........and soon !!

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

@jdkurson Last thing he needs. Psychs got Dan White off. He needs a bare bottom public spanking.

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