It's Pride Weekend. Here's How To Be Gay and Not Get a DUI

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Pounding this full bottle will not make you more gay.
Perfect weather and legalized gay marriage are two damn good reasons to get out of the house this weekend and celebrate (aka: have a few cocktails) in the sun. For some of you, getting drunk usually equates to getting stupid, which is why the cops are warning you now: behave yourself.

To be sure, the San Francisco Police Department is planning DUI check points around the city as well as a planning "significant police presence" at various pride functions to make sure people aren't ruining what is supposed to be a good great time.

Gay pride week is the country's most popular LGBT event, and given yesterday's victories for gay marriage, you should expect there to be a little more upping the ante this weekend. Pride is expected to attract some 1 million people to San Francisco this weekend -- that's a lot of color in one city.

Like last year, you won't be allowed to bring booze to the Pink Saturday even in the Castro, and if you were already planning to sneak some in, best you watch your back. Officers will be out in force, patrolling the party, specifically looking for open containers and people consuming adult beverages. No, those red solo cups won't even dupe the cops.

If you are unsure how to care for yourself this weekend, here's some thoughtful pointers from the police:

  • Figure out who is staying sober and driving home, before you start drinking. Don't wait until later and vote on who is the least drunk.

  • Don't ply party-goers with alcohol, stick to one or two drinks over several hours, rather than six drinks over one or two hours. In other words, cool it with the binge drinking, this isn't a contest.

  • Remember those police-approved mocktails?. You can pound as many of those as you like in an hour.

  • And finally, when all else fails and you spot danger all around, call 911 and congratulate yourself for not being the problem for a change.

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