Pint-Sized Park Spotted in the Richmond District

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More evidence popped up this week that in fact there is a teeny tiny someone living in San Francisco.

First it was the mini Mini we spotted in the Lower Haight, then the city went gaga over the teeny tiny tree house that magically appeared in Golden Gate Park. Now, we're learning that there's a petite park sprouting in the city's Richmond District. has the proof. As the neighborhood blog reported, "reader Derek" sent in photos of the pee-wee park on Balboa between 2nd and 3rd avenues.

Finally, some open space!

Per the blog:

The handcrafted "Balboa Sand Park" is constructed around an old tree stump, and is decorated with features including a funnel, hula hoop, small platforms, and tree parts. You could almost put on a small animal show in the park, coaxing your trained kitten from platform to platform. But we're guessing the idea is to put some sand in the top funnel and watch it work its way down the tree.

Have a gander at it while you can. Who knows how long it will be before the City dismantles this dream.

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wow, endlessly impressed by the energy that SFWeekly puts into covering the important SF news that the rest of the mainstream media doesn't have the guts to mention.  Local, "independent" media at its best.

Theresa Pio
Theresa Pio

cuteness - such a great city with so many creative people living there :)

Afab Matty
Afab Matty

Reason # 832 why I love this city.  Such creative, positive energy seems to flow from so many of it's inhabitants.  Reason # 833 is happening tomorrow night (6/21) at Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland.  TWAT, United Defiance, Heroes at Gunpoint and Protest Authority.  $5.  Can't beat that with a undercooked polish sausage.  Or you can- if that's what you're into. 

Eric Horn
Eric Horn

I wonder if Leslie Knope had anything to do with this?

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