Here Are Some New Developments That'll Hopefully Halt Apple-Picking Crimes

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Last week, we told you about the bi-coastal crime fighting duo, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who this week brought a much-needed initiative to protect people from those dumb smartphones thieves.

The plan, called S.O.S. (secure our smartphones), is the first of its kind to unite state level crime fighters -- including police chiefs and comptrollers across the country -- to pressure smartphone makers to install "kill switches" on new devices within a year.

A kill switch would allow the phone's owner to remotely render it useless if stolen, making it inoperable and thus, valueless.

According to Gascón "apple-picking" crimes, or thefts that involve a mobile communication device, made up half of all robberies in San Francisco last year.

Progress following the meeting between the two district attorney's and top smartphone makers was quick. Immediately after the summit, Samsung promised to add a kill switch feature to its phones-- and executives said it'd be available for customers by July 1.

Always cutting edge, Apple announced a kill switch feature for its soon-to-be-sold iPhone on Monday during its Worldwide Developers Conference, three days before the smartphone summit with Gascon and Schneiderman. However, the duo wasn't exactly pleased with the feature Apple unveiled.

Apple's feature is a new activation lock that would require a password before a stolen phone could be reactivated.

"We have good reason to believe it will probably not go as far as what we're talking about," Gascon was quoted saying in the Huffington post. "We want something that will completely disable the phone."

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aliasetc topcommenter

In Australia a cellphone can be "bricked" by the cell company's making the phone useless. But the US companies have the government in their greedy little hands so it ain't going to happen here.

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