Muni Passenger Halts Runaway Bus

Last night Muni took commuters for a ride they won't forget.

A 43-Masonic bus reportedly went off its usual route when it slammed into a car, jumped a curb, and kept on running until finally a passenger intervened.

KTVU tracked down the "cool-headed" passenger, Frank Primus, who was sitting in the rear of the runaway bus. Primus says when he realized the bus wasn't actually stopping after hitting the Jetta, he dashed up to the driver's seat, and put his foot on the brake.

"I realized we were headed toward Fell and the bus wasn't stopping, the guy wasn't stopping the bus," Primus told KTVU.

Cyclists were jumping out of the path of the moving bus, which barely dodged oncoming traffic.

"I got up there, his eyes were open, he was mumbling something, and I just put my foot on the brake and stopped it before it went into Fell [Street]," Primus told the news station. He said it appeared the driver was in shock "saying over and over he couldn't stop the bus."

Amazingly enough, the driver of the Jetta climbed out uninjured and all 12 passengers on the Muni bus were safe, yet understandably shaken. The bus driver was hospitalized with some back pain. Police are considering citing the driver for illegally turning in front of the bus, the news station reports.

"Either oncoming traffic was going to stop the bus, or someone was going to," Primus said. "Obviously, at the time you don't think about it, you just do it and I'm glad I did something," he said.

By the way, Primus is in medical school at UCSF, studying to be a surgeon. We know what you're thinking: This is exactly the kind of guy you want operating on you.

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njudah topcommenter

It's the car driver's fault this accident happened, not Muni's. If the car hadn't been making an illegal left turn, this would not have happened. once again Muni takes the piss for someone else's failures. They should make the car driver pay Muni for the damages.

Jan Blum
Jan Blum

MUNI; the daily disaster report. I just wonder if someone in charge??? is not seriously concerned about the overall safety of MUNI which seems to be imploding (or injuring/killing someone) on a daily basis......

Katy Brassfield
Katy Brassfield

This explains everything! Wow!!! Glad everyone is ok! Not everyday you see a bus parked in Golden Gate Park huh Kristi ?!

Kim Kylland
Kim Kylland

I hope this guys at least gets a free muni pass for life

aliasetc topcommenter

Nobody hurt until they talk to a lawyer

Nicole C. Donner
Nicole C. Donner

Good man! Glad someone had a head on their shoulders and acted before it became a bigger mess


O Holy Cow, thank goodness for the future Dr Primus, he responded quickly and appropriately at exactly the right moment.

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