Local Pigeon Owes S.F. Man A Huge Thank You

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Man and pigeon on good terms: an image you won't see often
It's not often you find a San Franciscan willing to touch an offensive pigeon with their bare hands, let alone one that's caked in mud. So take note of this: There are some good people out there who do like to get their hands dirty filthy.

Richmond's neighborhood blog got its hands (keyboard?)on some photos of a really nice man saving a local pigeon from drowning in the dregs over at Spreckles Lake. The lake, as we reported last week, is being drained for maintenance purposes, but apparently, the local avian population didn't get that memo.

Alas, a struggling pigeon got stranded out in the middle of the lake, which is really now just a pile of mud.

According to Richmond SF Blog, the really nice man decided to detour from whatever he was doing, slap some plastic bags on his shoes, and walk out to the middle of the muddy mess to help the poor pigeon find his way back to freedom.

Per the blog:

The man waded out, grabbed the pigeon, and brought it back to shore where another woman rinsed the mud off of it. The pigeon waddled away and was on his way.

Thumbnail image for rescue2.jpg
Man, bird, and mud

The onlookers cheered and clapped as the pigeon shuffled off, without so much as a thank you. Hopefully, the really nice man earned himself one year of not being shat on.

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