Golden Gate Park Trees Are Pretty Until They Fall on Your Car

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David Cruz/Natures Lantern
Makes traffic jams on the Bay Bridge look pretty
Golden Gate Park isn't always picturesque, particularly when that picture involves falling trees on your car.

Local photographer David Cruz sent us these shots of some really unfortunate events in Golden Gate Park yesterday afternoon where Mother Nature was being particularly unkind to local drivers.

I was photographing birds when I noticed a commotion near the Log Cabin office next to Stow Lake. 2 branches from an old Monterey pine snapped off and fell 60 feet onto a truck and a mini van, no humans hurt:

David Cruz/Natures Lantern
The city's gonna pay for this

David Cruz/Natures Lantern
Wait, is that a parking ticket, too??!!

According to Cruz, eyewitnesses reported seeing park service coning off the area and cutting away the falling limbs with a chainsaw.

"The driver stated she parked her truck and went for an hour walk, when she returned she saw the wreckage," Cruz said. "In other parts of Golden Gate Park, tree removal crews worked simultaneously to remove old trees for this exact reason."

Hopefully, those folks were already eying a new car.

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