Aaron Peskin Arrested in Garlic Fry Sit-In

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The world's tastiest sit-in
Aaron Peskin was one of the 10 labor activists arrested during Tuesday's Giants game at AT&T Park in what the former Board of Supervisors President is calling the "first time anyone took over a garlic fry stand at a Major League ballpark."  

The sit-in was part of Unite Here Local 2's ongoing effort on behalf of ballpark concession workers, who have been working without a contract since March of 2010 -- back when the Giants were still disappointing losers, and not two-time world champs. 

In a Houdini-like move, Peskin managed to slip out of his handcuffs while being arrested. Forty other protesters managed to slip out of an arrest in an even more novel manner. 

Per the former supe, the police politely informed the 50-odd union protesters sitting in near section 119 that they really didn't have the resources to arrest and process that many people. So, the union members politely agreed to only have 20 percent of their protesters arrested. 

The arrestees were cited for trespassing. 

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Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal
Aaron "Houdini" Peskin
Sam Singer, the spokesman for food and beverage subcontractor Centerplate has told SF Weekly that the company compensates its employees fairly: "They are already the highest-paid staff in the concession business, earning between $15 and $20 an hour, receiving full healthcare and other benefits for their part time work." 

Peskin, however, notes that the concession workers have been without a contract for 1,700 days. 

This is Peskin's second arrest and first since being taken in several years back protesting with hotel workers outside the Hilton. In that case, the district attorney opted not to press charges. This time, "Whatever happens happens." 

And, yes, the Giants beat the Padres Tuesday, 5-4. 

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njudah topcommenter

who cares?


Horrible, little Napoleon Aaron Pestkin -- trying to make waves all the wrong way. Pandering to the Unions who are killing SF and driving the city into bigger debts.

No to Pestkin.

Jan Blum
Jan Blum

most polite police action I have ever read about. . So considerate!

Aryeh Canter
Aryeh Canter

garlic fries are iconic for the giants staium

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