Brace Yourself for the Extreme Supermoon This Weekend

Dave C./Accuweather Facebook Page
A very big moon
If you find yourself feeling strange and slightly more aggressive this weekend, you have a decent excuse: the really close full moon.

Come Saturday and Sunday, the moon will draw closer to Earth more so than any other time this year -- and it'll be big and full. It's called a Perigee Full Moon, or to the other non-scientists out there, it's commonly referred to as a Supermoon.

And even this extraordinary moon is rather extraordinary.

This weekend's Supermoon is expected to be at a 100 percent greater mean perigee -- meaning it's even closer to Earth than a regular Supermoon -- and that makes it an Extreme Supermoon. To be clear, an Extreme Supermoon is a mere 221,824 miles from the Earth compared to a Supermoon, which is about 238,855 miles from the planet.

If the scientists at Accuweather are to be trusted the only thing you can have to worry about is making sure you get some damn great photos.

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