BART Station Closes After Man Shot

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BART closes after shooting
The El Cerrito BART station was closed for about 90 minutes today due to a shooting, officials said today.

BART police officers responded to reports of shots fired at the station around 11:20 a.m., and shortly after that a man approached the windows of a station agent booth, suffering from a gunshot wound.

The man was taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries, however there's no update on his condition as of now.

Agency spokesperson Jim Allison said the station was closed during the subsequent police activity, and trains were running through the station without stopping.

Passengers traveling on the Richmond line were able to board one of two AC Transit bus lines to hitch a free ride.

The station reopened at 12:47p.m., and services have resumed as normal.

The shooting comes amid a looming BART strike on Monday when workers are scheduled to walk off the job. Among other complaints over wages and healthcare, BART employees are demanding management address the ongoing violent crimes at BART stations, including homicides, rapes, assaults, and shootings.

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Ah, yes, rapes, shootings, attacks, all just fine with those who rioted after one thug got shot by a BART cop.  And the family should be so happy, after all, when a thug gets killed by another thug, you're lucky if the perp is even arrested, but if your family thug is killed by a cop, KA-CHING! Better than hitting the lottery!

than etter

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