Ex-BART Manager Dorothy Dugger Is Still BART's Highest-Paid Employee

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Well, we found someone who is enjoying their BART ride. Ex-BART Manager-turned Golden Parachuter Dorothy Dugger has reportedly been cashing in her six-figure salary while "sitting at home."

The Bay Area News Group investigated the former manager who resigned under pressure in 2011; at that time, she was criticized for her ridiculously high salary and her $1 million resignation package. Despite all that, she still managed to finagle more money out of BART, and in 2012 she brought home more than the current General manager of the transit agency.

Per the newspaper:

Under a lucrative retirement scheme, Dugger, 57, quietly stayed on the books, burning off nearly 80 weeks of unused vacation time, drawing paychecks and full benefits for more than 19 months after she agreed to quit in May 2011. By remaining on BART's payroll, she accrued almost two extra months of vacation, while sitting at home drawing a six-figure salary for unused time off. The months of extra pay were on top of the $920,000 that BART paid Dugger to leave after the agency's board botched an effort to fire her by violating public meetings laws.

What's even more shocking is that BART board members somehow didn't notice this.

"Wow," James Fang, a BART board member, told BANG. "She was still on the payroll? I did not know this. It's startling."

Indeed it is.

Here's a fun factoid for those of you who have been scrounging the change bowl at home for BART rides: Last year, Dugger's gross pay could have bought 52,837 round-trip BART tickets between downtown Oakland and San Francisco's Financial district.

But Dugger shrugged off the report, saying she was entitled to her 3,100 hours of vacation time that she racked up over the last 20 years.

In fact when asked whether she thought BART's vacation policy was doing the transit agency any good, she responded "I think BART's track record on fiscal management is quite solid."

Well, of course she does.

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Devil's advocate here. Please report beyond the captivating headline. Youre borderline Fox news here. I mean, don't MANY jobs allow employees to cash out their unused vacation time? Seems standard. Did she not legitimately accrue those hours? Was it a standard retirement package? This woman wasnt a "manager", like some Carl's Junior manager who oversaw some fry cooks. She ran Bart, no small task. Last week you ran an article about the plight of Bart employees, how undervalued and underpaid Bart employees are, complete with a Man In the Mirror-esque video. Did that only apply to hourly workers? I disagree with the notion that high ranking public service workers shouldn't be paid accordingly. she should get every dollar of ACCRUED vacation time she had. It's not "getting paid for doing nothing". It's getting paid for all the years she never took vacation. I got that at some bogus job i had in college. And you'd want the same.

Roche Ryochi
Roche Ryochi

One a third of a million a year, I bet she gets around.

aliasetc topcommenter

Ya wonder why people don't trust the people in government!

Steven Python
Steven Python

This town is ridiculous when it comes to government workers.

Kim Kibler
Kim Kibler

so this is why the prices keep rising....

njudah topcommenter

we need to stop letting people treat public service jobs as a massive entitlement program. if she wants to earn huge pay and do nothing, she should go into the private sector, preferably wall street. otherwise she's just wasting money for the agency and being rewarded for being a big failure.

Stan James
Stan James

Nothing new. Margo stayed on the books as a consultant when he left. Just another BART rule or perk used to ones advantage. Wouldn't you? BART is full of money grabbers on all levels! Its the culture, they have no competitors!


@njudah  You just described more than half of the US Congress. it sounds just like them.

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