Craigslist Weirdos Use Daddy's Day as an Excuse to Get Laid

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Daughters bonding with father, but not in that Craigslist sort of way
Father's Day is that American holiday where it's time for kids to shut the hell up already and be thankful for all that their dad did or didn't do. There's really nothing you can accomplish in one day that'll make up for all the times he's bailed you out of jail or wrote you a check so that you could buy nice enough clothes so you could find a job and make your own damn money.

But if you ask us, the best gift you could give your father this weekend is refraining from using this one day as a chance to have some insane Craigslist-type sexcapade.

We cruised Craigslist looking to see what kind of crap people were trying to pawn off as potential Father's Day gifts. Instead, we found an overwhelming number of requests for Daddy Day hookups, hoping to make their old man proud.



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Brish Bur
Brish Bur

Hmm. Guys trying to get laid using cl? No. That never happens.

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