BART Wants to Know How Much Money You Make

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First BART unions threaten to stiff you on a ride to work, and now BART management wants to know how much money you are earning.

Amid a looming strike, BART management created this survey, asking riders, among other things, how much income they make and how much they pay toward their health care. It's no coincidence that these are the same issues that's keeping BART management at odds with their employees, you know the people who take you to and fro.

Which begs the question: Why does BART give a crap about how much bacon you're bringing home, especially when come Monday you might not have a way to bring that bacon home?

Here's how BART bluntly framed it:


The survey goes on to ask specifics about your retirement plan, how much you pay into it, and how much your employer matches, hoping to get a random sampling that will supposedly help them better frame a wage and benefits package for their employees. Or more likely piss-off the unions.

We're guessing BART unions won't be happy if majority of those folks who opt to take the survey are in low-paying jobs like teaching ... or journalism.

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Notice they didn't ask anything about the pension plans BART riders have or how much they contribute to their plans vs how much their employers contribute.  

abledart topcommenter

BART: Can We Talk?

Goldfinger: NO, BART! I WANT YOU TO DIE!!!!!!!

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