BART Wants State Mediator To Help Move Labor Talks Along

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Someone's gonna pay for this
After watching this video, some commuters might sympathize with BART workers, perhaps even understand why they're asking for a 23 percent pay hike over the next three years.

But BART management isn't ready to give up that kind of money, and as a result, labor talks are moving about as fast as a delayed BART train. Instead of continuing the back-and-forth, BART is now asking a state mediator for help.

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According to BART, the Service Employees International Union Local 1021 and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1555 are "demanding far above what the transit district believes is financially sustainable for BART's future."

"There's no question that our workers are highly skilled and dedicated," said BART General Manager Grace Crunican. "But they've got to take a greater stake in the financial future of BART. We've got to normalize our employees' pay and benefits to bring them in line with the rest of the Bay Area if we're going to to keep BART running for another 40 years."

BART needs about $6 billion over the next 10 years just to keep the system running, she added. Meanwhile, the cost of providing benefits to the workforce has skyrocketed 190 percent over the past 13 years.

But BART workers argue that the pay increases are necessary at a time when ridership is peaking; and more riders means more safety issues a.k.a angry people with knives who can't hold it long enough to use a toilet.

"That's based on the fact that workers are working harder and safety conditions have not been addressed, making their jobs dangerous," said Leah Berlanga, a Service Employees chief negotiator told the Chron recently. "We haven't had a raise in over five years, yet we maintain this great system and ridership continues to go up."

Employees made their case last week with this six-minute video showing just terrified and grossed out they are by BART.

Neither side has mentioned anything about a strike as of now, but the contract expires in three weeks on June 30. We contacted the ATU to see how they feel about bringing in a state mediator. Stay tuned.

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What other company let's their workers complete overtime for 3 years,  actually "needs" them to work overtime, then complains to the press that they earn to much overtime??  Next step is to hire more workers that actually cost more than giving overtime only to threaten thee new workers with being fired if they do not sign a new contract?  

Answer   BART management


 "Normalise BART workers pay and conditions to bring them in line with the rest of the BAY area. "   Where are you living Grace?  It's not BART workers that are buying up property  in the Bay area or even living here, they  cannot afford to!!  They live up to 2 hours away from their work because they don't earn enough to live here.  Remember when management refused to make it 15 years to get vested into BART because that would mean you could not bring your buddies into BART for 5 years and then leave with lots of perks?  You could have saved milllions but you refused.   You have a labot relations team that you pay $1 miilion to every year, yet they cannot do their job right so you spend another $400,000 on someone out of town to come and try to crush the workers.

You are the only manager of a successful companyin the BAY area that openly berates and tries to destroy her staff in the media and press.  Yet as we have seen they actually save lives while your actions (or lack of) actually nearly get people and your staff killed!!!


BART is screwed up...I understand the management got an increase in salary of 12%. All during the time the workers pay was frozen. In addition, why should management be rewarded when they can't contain the overtime and fail to enforce their sick policies. As I see it, if the fares keep going up BART will no longer be commuter transportation. It will a Bay Area luxury ride. I hear about safety but I don't hear nothing from either side about quality. BART is not ISO 9001 certified. That's how bad the management is at BART.

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