BART Unions Give 72-Hour Strike Notice

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Your commute on Monday. Too bad you won't be there to see it
Monday is starting to look like a good day to call in sick and hit the beach. BART unions gave notice late last night that they might shut down the transit station when their contract expires on Sunday as midnight strikes.

The unions didn't give too many details, but said they are hosting a 10 a.m. press conference where they'll better explain their decision to possibly stiff commuters on a ride to work come Monday morning.

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Rick Rice, a spokesman for BART, issued the following statement this morning:

Shortly before 11 pm Thursday, BART received written notification from two of its unions that they may go on strike as early as July 1, 2013. The letters did, however, indicate that both unions preferred not to take this step and intended to continue negotiations. BART is also committed to continuing good faith negotiations and staying at the table until a deal is reached. Meetings are expected to resume at 11 am today.

According to the Chron, the notice is no guarantee that BART employees will strike on Monday, but they're giving everyone a heads up so they can make alternative plans to get to work.

Speaking of which, here's some ideas for how to get around a BART strike:

  • Check -- a lot.

  • Shift your work hours so you're not on the road with everyone else.

  • Carpool -- don't be that guy, by himself in an eight-person car tailgating the person in front.

  • Haven't you always wanted to ride the ferry to work? Here's your chance.

  • SamTrans and Caltrains will be crowded and slow. Know that in advance, give yourself extra time. Keep your clothes on and stay calm.

  • SamTrans will provide buses at temporary stops outside San Mateo county BART stations.

  • SamTrans will also have a free shuttle run from Daly City and Colma to a temporary transit center on Mission St. between 6-9 AM and 3-7 PM (Mon-Fri).

  • Hope that AC Transit doesn't strike, too, because that's your best bet for getting across the Bay Bridge that day.

  • Or just telecommute. What's the point of all this technology if we can't work from home in our pajamas every now and then?

"If BART strikes, there will be a great deal of additional strain on all Bay Area transit operators," said Chuck Harvey, deputy CEO, operations, construction and engineering. "We're asking commuters to be patient, plan ahead and leave additional time to get to their destinations."

We'll keep you posted on this mess. Good luck.

SF Weekly's Jennifer Baires contributed to this report

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Steven Hieger
Steven Hieger

Yes, Eric Carlson, she is driving for MUNI now but I don't know which line...I think I saw her drive the 38 Geary into the Church Street tunnel though...

Steven Hieger
Steven Hieger

Oh, I guess this is a story about BART and not MUNI...well, regardless...they are both low on my list of public transportation options...

Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson

Steven Hieger, was that the bus Migden is now driving?

Steven Hieger
Steven Hieger

They need driving lessons..I was almost run over by a 3 Jackson who breezed through a stop sign...just a few minutes ago...

aliasetc topcommenter

Ronnie Reagan fired all the ATC's and hired new ones. No airplanes crashed. So what is BARF waiting for?


@aliasetc I have to agree here aliasetc.  Even with my degrees I didn't make $80K to sit and pilot a train or sell tickets, I actually had to work for my money.  In Michigan this job would pay $50K annually at most and probably start at around $25K.  Health benefits would be provided but no pension (a 401(K) style account would be provided with a 50% match to 1% of salary annually if the employee contributes).  If I were a BART conductor I would not have voted to strike.  If BART needs scabs I am sure they can place an ad in Michigan's larger city newspapers (The Grand Rapids Press, The Detroit News and Traverse City Record Eagle) offering $30K annually, round-trip airfare plus a cheap hotel room with double occupancy and have more than enough people to run the trains and sell tickets within a week.

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