BART Is Making You Pay More to Park

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Thanks to BART and Starbucks
The only two things you really need to maintain a steady job are a constant flow of coffee and reliable BART service. Unfortunately, the price just keeps going up for both.

And for some East Bay folks, presumably bound for San Francisco, the trip across the bay is about to get a little bit pricier.The transit agency just announced it is increasing parking rates at nine BART stations.

In short: It might be time to forgo the triple latte for regular drip coffee.

Starting next month, BART will increase parking fees at the following stations:

  • Castro Valley, West Dubling/Pleasanton, Dublin/Pleasanton on July 1.

  • El Cerrito del Norte, El Cerrito Plaza, North Berkeley, Ashby on July 15.

  • MacArthur and West Oakland starting July 29.

The 50-cent fee increase will bring your total BART parking bill to $1.50 daily, except for West Oakland where you will pay $5.50.

Before you start cursing BART, let's put this price increase in perspective: Some of you East Bay folks have not faced a parking fee increase since 2006 before that huge American economic meltdown.

Also, you shouldn't feel blindsided since BART decided earlier this year that new parking fees would fluctuate, depending on the station's popularity. Every six months, the transit agency will reevaluate parking fees -- if the station seems fuller than usual, then parking fees will increase by 50 cents. If the lot is less than 95 percent full, the fees will go down by 50 cents. All that money made (or lost?) from these new fees will go to programs for improved station access, rehabilitation, and modernization., according to BART.

The good news is that you'll never have to pay more than $3 at any station (except West Oakland), which is great if you're a tea drinker -- then you can afford both your brew and BART in less $5.

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