Insanely Wealthy Town of Atherton Is Now Billing Homeowners for Obama's April Visit

Atherton's town manager
Back in April, we notified the public that the insanely rich town of Atherton was attempting to bill President Obama for his visit to the small Peninsula town, where the median home price is $4,010,200.

Presumably, the White House told Atherton where they could shove their bill, because now the town is reportedly hitting up the two homeowners who hosted the President's April fundraiser that cost the town some $8,000 in security and cleanup. The city is going as far as threatening to slap a lien on the two properties unless the owners pay up.

"If the town incurs a cost that rightly should belong to somebody else, we're going to pursue that," Atherton Town Manager George Rodericks told KPIX 5.

On April 4, President Obama attended a morning brunch hosted by Liz Simons and Mark Heising, then a luncheon at the home of Marcia and John Goldman. Those stops were to benefit the Democratic National Committee -- and that they did. The fundraisers raked in more than $3 million for Democrats.

The town, which is home to Google guru Erick Schmidt, was pissy over the amount of cash spent to accommodate the event and was ballsy enough to send invoices to the White House, the Democratic National Committee, the Secret Service and both homeowners.

So far, the town has not received a cent, according to CBS.

"If we were to hold, say, a wedding here, and have to close off streets, we would expect the people that were hosting the wedding to pay it and I think the taxpayers would also ask for that," Councilman Bill Widmer lamented to the press.

If the homeowners don't reimburse the town the $8K, then Atherton city leaders could (and probably would) process a lien against their property and collect the cash via property tax, Rodericks, said.

Rodericks noted that Atherton is not Obama's personal ATM.

No, that'd be San Francisco, where police racked up more than $60,000 in overtime in April for the president's visit. Oakland reportedly ended up with a $300,000 bill last year when Obama made his one-time stop to the O-Town.

Meanwhile, the city of Palo Alto, which is also insanely wealthy, is awaiting Obama's presence today for private fundraiser, but says it has no plans to hit up the White House for reimbursement.

For what it's worth, Atherton's Mayor Elizabeth Lewis is a registered Republican.

Atherton Budget

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The town should bill all the Dems at the IRS. Simple. Or perhaps, Holder personally or even the NSA.  After all, those 3 have wasted more money than the city council has.

mrericsir topcommenter

Something tells me that the Atherton city officials have already spent well over $8,000 squabbling over this.

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