Apple to Release iPhone That Will Make Your Phone Less Appealing to Crooks

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Apple, always thinking of the average geek, has announced it's going to make it a little bit harder for "Apple-pickers" to enjoy your stolen iPhone. Among the many cool-as-shit things Apple highlighted yesterday at the Worldwide Developers Conference, was the "kill-switch" for iPhones that'll be released later this year.

From what we understand, these security switches will reportedly allow users to deactivate their phones after they are lost or stolen, rendering it as useful as a tin can. It gives would-be thieves less incentive, and thus, they might think twice about snatching your iPhone from you hands while you're texting on Muni.

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The announcement was perfect timing: This week, San Francisco's District Attorney George Gascon has plans to team up with New York City officials to ask cellphone companies for this very benefit, saying it would really reduce the number of smartphone thefts in these cities.

In San Francisco, iPhone thefts account for 50 percent of all robberies, Sgt. Dennis Toomer told reporters.

But Gascon says he's not getting too excited yet -- he wants to see how the kill-switch works on the new operating systems before endorsing it.

To be continued ...

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