Anti-Semitic Elmo, Who Once Scared Kids in S.F., Charged With Extorting Girl Scouts

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Ian S. Port
Elmo, circa 2012
Last we heard from Anti-Semitic Elmo, the furry fiend was hurling obscenities at Fisherman's Wharf patrons. This was in January. A few months before that, in October, the creature was seen shouting anti-semitic slurs at a children's park in the Richmond district.

Once a staple at New York City's Central Park and Times Square, the angry mascot man who says his name is Adam Sandler (but whose first name is actually Dan) had apparently taken his talents to San Francisco. Because, he told reporters, "people are friendlier." While here, he lived in his car and spent many days roaming the city in his Elmo costume, screaming profanities at unsuspecting people passing by.

But perhaps he missed the aggressive return-shouts from the hordes of Manhattanites
whose packed sidewalks he was blocking. He returned to New York this year where he then he got charged with trying to extort $2 million from girl scouts.

He pleaded not guilty today.

According to New York authorities, Sandler sent "harassing" emails and photos to a Girl Scouts organization employee and threatened to spread false information about the group if they did not give him the money.

Before his days in the Elmo suit, Sandler once worked for the Girl Scouts.

A June 2012 New York Times article about him noted that he was homeless and suggested that he likely suffered from a mental illness. Not many sane men, after all, would dress up in a Sesame Street costume only to scare the shit out of children. Before arriving to San Francisco, Sandler was convicted of disorderly conduct for an anti-Semitic tirade in Times Square.

But his past is even darker. According to the Times, Sandler once lived in Cambodia, where he started a porn website, paying girls $20 per performance, before the government deported him. The website was called "Welcome to the Rape Camp."

In case you thought it didn't get lower than stealing from girl scouts.

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