More Gays Are Raising Kids in Mississippi Than in California

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If you were shocked to learn that Utah is gayer than us,then you will probably feel a little confused, anxious, let down, etc. to learn that the state of Mississippi has more same-sex couple raising kids than any other state in the nation. In other words, they are not fleeing to the states that allow same-sex marriage.

Now might be a good time to remind readers that Mississippi was ranked one of the top 10 worst states to raise a kid period.

Now for your burning question: WTF?

A new study by the Williams Institute, a think tank at UCLA, released this very insightful and somewhat curious infographic that shows states that have a constitutional amendment on same-sex marriage are the very locations where gays are opting to raise their kids.

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Researchers found that roughly 26 percent of same-sex couples in Mississippi are raising kids, compared to just 15 percent in California, both states that have a constitutional amendment on gay marriage.

And here's more proof that Utah is attracting more gays than San Francisco: Salt Lake City had the most same-sex couples raising kids than any other city in the nation. By the way, Utah also has a constitutional amendment on gay marriage.

But head over to states where gay marriage is legal and you will find fewer couples raising kids. In Maine, only 13 percent of same-sex couples are rearing children and about 16 percent in New York.

We called Equality California to see if folks over there could make sense of this. We'll update this post when we get some insight from them.

Until then, check out the full map showing where gays are having kids:

Williams Institute

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Gay people are probably having more kids in Mississippi and Utah for the same reason that straight people are having more kids in Mississippi and Utah... California is an expensive place to live. Note the appearance of Visalia on the list for top metros under 1m, despite the Central Valley being more conservative than SF or LA.

Really nothing else to it.


I think it means that MS and UT are failing in their attempts to enforce hetero living.  Despite thinking that getting (straight) married and having kids is the only possible life...nope, still gay.  Basically, aren't these gay people raising children from an earlier, failed hetero effort? It's not as if adoptions to gay couples are up in those states, is it?


I am not sure why these statistics are necessarily surprising, nor would I think that Equality California would have any special insight on the matter. Equality California is a gay marriage advocacy organization in California, it is not a national gay social research organization.

As for why people have kids where they do: (1) It is never easy to just pick up and move, and this is especially true when one has children.   (2) Also, many people do not want to move away from their family and friends and their way of life.  So, people tend to couple up and have kids wherever they happen to live.

As for why more gay couples in Mississippi have kids then in California: (1) Partly it involves regional cultural differences.  I think generally individuals in Mississippi prefer to have kids, or more kids, than individuals in California.  (2) Also, I believe the regional difference in cost of living is another factor that leads to couples in lower cost states like Mississippi choosing to have kids, or have more kids, than couples in California. 


That's wrong a kid should a straight mom and dad! Plain and simple, these kids will be abused!!!

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

@dmdstrhalo How are they enforcing heterosexuality ? No one is forced to have children. Your comments make no sense.

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