Unusually Positive BART Graffiti Offers Commuters a Chance for Self-Help

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This is usually what BART inspires
It's damn near never that you're going to get on BART and feel better about yourself no matter how many accounts you scored that day at work. The nausea will always win.

And even when the BART ride home doesn't make you feel sick, the prolific and profane graffiti will.

Unless of course, you just so happen to stumble upon this BART car, where a nurturing someone graciously scribbled inspirational words to make your ride home a tad more uplifting.

Joe Eskenazi
Do you feel better now?

Doesn't that just make you want to load up your BART card?

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Lol how about NO SHIT and PISSSS on Bart!!Graffiti is better then that!!!!

Sergio Fedasz
Sergio Fedasz

I know what would be positive & uplifting. An untagged BART car...

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