S.F. Hopes Homeless Will Start Playing Soccer, Find Homes

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Like that. Only homeless.
The same man who thought adorable puppies would solve San Francisco's panhandling problem is now saying that soccer could do what former Mayor Gavin Newsom could not: end homelessness.

The city's Recreation and Parks Department just announced it was partnering with the Mayor's Homeless czar Bevan Dufty and Street Soccer USA to kick off the city's very first street soccer team for the homeless.

Officially, the city plans to host the Street Soccer USA West Coast Cup in San Francisco, in hopes that homeless folks will start getting a little bit of physical exercise (although that goal is pretty universal).

"San Francisco is a City that loves Soccer,"Dufty said in a statement released this afternoon. "Mayor Lee supports Street Soccer USA as a way to show players and fans that soccer and teamwork can help end homelessness."

Street Soccer USA is a sport-based organization focused on eradicating homelessness and poverty through onsite soccer programs and community building at social service agencies and homeless shelters in 20 cities across the nation. Some 75 percent of participants successfully connect to further education, improved health, jobs, and housing within a year of joining the program.

The West Coast Coast Cup is a premier sport for social change event where communities come together to compete in tournaments. In addition, the soccer tourney will serve as a platform to fundraise for programs that teach job and life skills to homeless folks in San Francisco, according to the Recreation and Parks Department.

You don't have to be homeless to play. The soccer event will include more than 40 business and local community teams playing soccer tournaments at Justin Herman Plaza on June 22 and June 23.

And afterwards, they can go freshen up with a free shower on Muni.

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How about getting them jobs????! Not playing soccer or dogs!

Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson

yes soccer and Dufty's adopt a dog program........


StreetSoccerUSA.org has worked with young adults at Larkin Street, St. Vincent de Paul and the CA Conservation Corps to field teams over the past 9 months.There has been mentoring and coaching for soccer and life for these team members.

30 Sponsoring companies, including employees from First Republic Bank, SunRun, BlackRock, and Starbucks will also field teams for the 2-day tournament.

Part of changing homelessness is changing how we see people.Our #1 focus is onhelping chronically homeless exit our streets.

But there is also room for Street Soccer to show us that teamwork and sports can help people rebuild their lives and end their homelessness.If you'd like to know more e-mail rob@streetsoccerusa.org or me bevan.dufty@sfgov.org

Thank you

Todd Ganser
Todd Ganser

I'd settle for them not pissing or crapping on the sidewalks.

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