Protesters Storm S.F. State Dorm, Cop Injured (Video)

A group of unruly protesters abruptly stormed a S.F. State dormitory last night while students were presumably trying to study for finals which start next week.

According to S.F. State officials, the unauthorized people stormed Mary Ward Hall at about 8 p.m. creating quite a scene. No word on what the rally was all about, but it certainly gave students a good reason to take a study break.

Police were called to the scene and attempted to remove the protesters who reportedly resisted arrest, said Ellen Griffin, spokeswoman for the university.

At some point a fire alarm was pulled and the dorm was evacuated, KTVU reported. In total, five people were arrested and one cop was hurt.

He was taken to the hospital, yet it's still unclear how he was injured or his condition.

Police stayed at the scene over night, checking Ids of anyone who walked through the door.

Here's a scene from last night:

Doesn't it make you miss college life?

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There is obviously more to this story than what the reporters are telling you. They say these people were protesters yet they claim that they don't know what they were protesting. How did they know they were protesters if they didn't know what they were protesting? it doesn't make any sense. Why are the cops so brutal with this person who is not doing anything violent? If these cops were treating me like that I would sure as hell hope that someone would try to stop them like the girl who was filming. She was trying to help. Cops kill innocent people all the time. I don't see any need for that person to be tased. They had her (or him?) on the ground face down with their arms behind their back. What could she possibly do to anybody in that situation? They never said what happened to the "injured" cop. I have serious doubts that there were any injuries. Where is information about the injuries? I have certainly witnessed totally bogus accusations made by cops that quickly made it into the media before anybody had any chance to really find out what happened.

 Why were they so brutal with her? She wasn't armed and wasn't doing anything violent.

If no one was able to tell what they protesters were protesting against they wouldn't be calling them protesters. They would call them terrorists or some other word. Obviously the reporter and most likely the cops too knew what they were protesting and it was probably a very embarassing inconvenient issue for SF State. They didn't want to talk about it so they wrote this bull shit report demonizing these people without giving the reader any real information. Propaganda at its purest!

SFWeekly, shame on you! Shame on you, Erin Sherbert, for your bull shit whitewash propaganda!


I'm a professor at SF State. There should not be any unauthorized people in the dorms. The woman filming and screaming should be arrested for interfering in the arrests of these intruders, and for endangering the lives of the officers and the rest of the students in the dorms who were following procedures. With all the crazy people doing crazy and harmful things in the world, and yes folks, right here in this so-called developed country of ours, I believe the officers should be applauded for handling the situation the way they did, and for keeping their cool and not tazing the unbearable woman ranting and taking the video.


That woman is unbearable.


The sure sign of an unsuccessful protest:  You get tased and arrested and no one seems to know what you were protesting 


Listening to the girl is very upsetting to me. She should be arrested and fined for disorderly conduct. The young protester was clearly doing his best to resist arrest and she should have gone with him. If you are trespassing and resisting arrest like this young man clearly was, you deserve to get tased. I wouldn't want that guy creeping around in my dorm room if I was living in College.

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