Have You Seen These Kick-Ass Lyfts in S.F.? They're Themed.

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Typically, we'd say BART on a Friday night is entertaining enough, albeit cheap entertainment. However, when we came across these images of creatively amusing lyft cars, we started to really reconsider our weekend transportation.

All credit goes to Thrillist's editor Joe Starkey who spent his weekend getting to know the personalities behind these ride-sharing pink staches. How cool are they?

Thrillist Media Group
The Ghostbusters Lyft: Jon, the driver, explains the logic behind his '80s-themed Lyft: "Well, I was getting this weirdly shaped car and I thought I could get a decal to make it look like a [Star Trek] Federation shuttlecraft ... or I could get laid sometime in the near future."

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Sean Timberlake
Sean Timberlake

Typo on car #2. "Your" instead of "you're" parked at a meter.

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