San Francisco Is Slim and Trim, Ranks Fourth Fittest City in America

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Celebrate with the truffle shuffle
All that hill-climbing you had to do to get from the taco truck to the bar has paid off -- San Francisco was ranked the fourth fittest city in America by the American College of Sport Medicine's American Fitness Index.

This sixth annual report tallies up the overall health and community fitness status of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in America, evaluating potential fat-kid behavior on a citywide scale. It looked at everything, including preventative health measures, levels of chronic disease conditions, healthcare access, as well as community resources and policies that support "fit" lifestyles.

In terms of personal health indicators such as chronic disease and health care access we ranked no. 3. Yet we didn't score as well in the community/environmental category, coming in at no. 13 for prevalence of recreational facilities, park-related expenditures, physical education requirements, to name a few.

Don't brush this off as a bunch of PR crap just yet: The ACSM teamed up with the Indiana University School of Family Medicine as well as a slew of health and physical activity experts (26 to be exact) to help develop the methodology for this study. They took data from the U.S. Census, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Prevention's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, and The Trust for the Public Land City Park Facts to determine which cities were keeping it slim and trim.

Now for the top 20 cities in all their tight-glut glory:

Here's to keeping America lookin' fit...or fat.

No go celebrate your healthy self with a triple scoop from Mitchell's.

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Fara Wheld
Fara Wheld

Congratulations, SF. I just had a honey bun.

Steve Manciet
Steve Manciet

Becouse its so expensive to live there, nobody can afford food. You also have to walk everywhere which doesn't help?

Ambar Pansari
Ambar Pansari

I also thought it said filthiest! Couldn't agree more.

Barbara Yoes
Barbara Yoes

Denver is # 5, very healthy people there.

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