Sex Atop Huge Pile of Money Plan Goes Awry

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These best-laid plans -- ahem -- went astray
Update: See bottom

A man hoping to regale listeners with his tale of meeting a sexy stranger for a tryst atop a bed piled with money has been forced to settle for a more humbling story of being set up and robbed of said pile of money.

In what Mountain View police are describing as a likely Internet scam, a 22-year-old would-be Romeo was relieved of an envelope containing $2,000. The victim told police that he planned on spreading the money across the bedspread prior to an intimate encounter -- a suggestion, intriguingly, made by the anonymous "woman" he had been corresponding with via the internet, who said such an activity would satiate a longtime desire.
It was left to the victim to provide the money, naturally. But no woman showed up in the wee hours Tuesday at a Mountain View apartment complex near Highway 101. The victim was instead waylaid on the street by a pair of young Hispanic men who held a knife to his throat and jammed an object that may have been a gun into his back.

To cap off the 22-year-old man's tale of woe, he had appropriated the $2,000 from the San Jose-area restaurant where he worked -- and does no longer.

Calls to the Mountain View Police Department for more details have not yet been returned.

Update, 3:50 p.m.: Sgt. Sean Thompson of the Mountain View Police Department says the victim believed he was meeting for a romantic encounter with a woman named "Geraldine" he found on As for the pile of cash, "they came to an agreement it'd be $2,000."

Apparently, Geraldine's fantasy was very specific.

Thompson said it's not known at this time if the victim's former place of employment will prosecute him for borrowing their money without asking.

This sort of crime "doesn't happen around here a lot," Thompson says. "The whole thing is kind of unreal."

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He should be embarrassed he got caught... using Seriously, who uses Badoo?

Fara Wheld
Fara Wheld

A fool and his money (or someone else's) are soon parted. I hope he gets jail time for ripping off his employer.

Brian Santos
Brian Santos

hahhaha I wonder how many pictures that dude took of the money for his FB cover like "Started from the bottom" or "ballin" now we know it was "borrowed" pretty much how I always feel when ppl show money on fb. "I be staaackin" no you're not, go return that money to your place of employment lmao

abledart topcommenter

The big problem here is that 2 grand is not a "huge pile of money." That's one bundle of 20's. It's barely enough to cover a pillow. Maybe he used singles? That might work if you keep the lights off. 

Tom Jorgenson
Tom Jorgenson

Guess he got screwed anyway. Just not in a good way.

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