S.F. Is Fifth Best City for Dogs

SF dog hacking into dogster
Contrary to what the mailmen might say around here, San Francisco is the fifth best city to raise a dog, according to Estately, a national real estate blog.

This should come as no surprise considering the city has more dogs than kids -- and we're damn proud of it. But it's not just the stellar dog parks or dog-friendly watering holes that makes this a great place for pups. San Francisco dogs can live the life of their owners, browsing online at coffee shops and even cruising around town on the iconic trolley cars. How cute.

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Other reasons we're a hound hub:

  • San Francisco has the third most dog parks of any city in the U.S. with 27 dedicated places for pooches to play.

  • Walk Score has it ranked second nationally for walkability.

  • Local bars provide a dog-friendly watering hole that doles out free popcorn to go with their water bowl probably filled with Brita.

  • There are plenty of place to dine with your pup. The blog points out the ample dog-friendly restaurants with patio dining. When you're done eating, take your canine to one of the many dog-friendly gyms with you, where you can hit the treadmill while your dog lazes around.

  • Dogs can ride the ferries, but not BART (unless they are crated), although we don't see why not, considering dogs are probably cleaner than whoever you're sitting next to on the train.

Perhaps the only reason we came in no. 5 and not no. 1 (Portland did) is because California, dogs are not allowed to mate publicly within 500 yards of a tavern, school, or place of worship.

Also, not on the list, but just our observation: Isn't a dogwalker quickly becoming a white-collared job in San Francisco, where the average dog walker can bring in at least $60,000 annually?

In any event, here's the full list of best cities for dogs. Woof.

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Paul Varga
Paul Varga

Now only if the dog owners would properly clean up after their dogs.

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