Did You See That Sinkhole in the Richmond District?

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Men manning the hole
Update:1:19 p.m.: The latest reports say it will take all week to repair the 20-foot sinkhole that's 10 feet deep.

Original story 9:24 a.m.: It was huge. Sometime around 5:30 last night -- during the start of rush hour -- a street in the Richmond District started caving in all by itself, creating a hole big enough to fit a car, well at least a smart car.

According to Richmondsfblog, a car drove over the intersection of Lake Street and 2nd Avenue and then a few minutes later, the concrete just split open.

KTVU reports that the 15-foot sinkhole was probably caused by an old 21-inch sewer line failure.

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Who says the Richmond isn't exciting?

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