Planned Parenthood Opponents Conjure Up Forced Sterilization, Baby Livers in Pepsi

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For a shrill time, just add abortion. Or, in the case of Planned Parenthood's "invasion" of South San Francisco -- as Catholic Radio put it -- plan to not offer termination of pregnancies and suffer the preposterous parade regardless.

There are about 10 Planned Parenthood and related clinics in the Bay Area, but most are in the East Bay. Now Planned Parenthood Mar Monte wants to open a clinic at 435 Grand Ave. in South City -- which would make it the closest clinic to many residents in San Francisco -- and the local Planning Commission appears ready to sign off on this.

Since the building doesn't meet state regulations, the clinic would not offer abortions (and, as Planned Parenthood as repeatedly tried to convince people, pregnancy terminations represent 3 percent of all services offered). That hasn't stopped Planned Parenthood foes from rolling out the dead babies -- including the old "dead baby livers in Pepsi," the "dead babies in cosmetics," and "sexually active" children arguments.

Planned Parenthood goes before the South San Francisco Planning Commission at 7:30 p.m. tonight. They have a staff recommendation to approve the site, according to reports in the San Jose Mercury News and elsewhere, because having a clinic there fits with local regulations and zoning laws.

Among the services to be offered at the site would be STD testing and treatment for men and women, breast exams, and contraceptives.

As previously mentioned, the location would not offer surgical abortions because the building does not meet state code for surgery. Officials at Planned Parenthood say that pills that would terminate pregnancies might be available at the site, but that "there aren't any immediate plans to do so," Bay Area News Group reported.

That don't matter to Jesus, or his followers. As many as 450 people have signed petitions opposing the South City Planned Parenthood -- and some have gone a bit further. brings us some of the gems. "Did you knew that Pepsi uses aborted babies liver to flavor Pepsi drinks?" asks a letter signed by James and Eleanora Rivera. "What about when they use baby parts for cosmetics. Did you know that in China they eat aborted babies? There is a big market for this."

"The fruits of Planned Parenthood's labor include 903 killed babies per day and a "no pants party" to teach school children about sex?" wrote Robert T. Munn, who added that Margaret Sanger, the women's rights and birth control pioneer who founded Planned Parenthood, "was a role model for Adolph Hitler."

And to the statement that Planned Parenthood "encourages children to be sexually active.... is a leading contributor of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among young people, and targets minorities for sterilization and abortions," 14 people, with family names such as Cardenas and Jiminez, affixed their names.

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