Watch Out for Those Fake PG&E Workers Scamming You

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Hang up!
San Francisco police are warning everyone to be skeptical when getting a phone call from a PG&E representative.

There's a scam going around where crooks pose as PG&E reps or sometimes the Water Department, demanding payment for overdue bills.

According to police, the faux workers contact innocent people by phone, claim their bills are overdue and that their electricity (or water) will be shut off within an hour unless payment is received.

The "reps" stipulate only one method of payment is accepted: Money-Pak.

The victims are ordered to head to a local convenient store, get a Money-Pak and then call back the number the thief has given them. Once the victim calls back, the "reps" order the victim to read the Money-Pak account number, thus giving them the cash.

The "reps" give the victim a confirmation number before the call is terminated.

By the way, neither utility company ever asks for payment in this manner and has confirmed that the calls are bogus.

So now you know, and next time you get a call from a Money-Pak demanding PG&E worker, just hang up and call the cops.

Also, now might be a good time to go pay your bills before they really are overdue.

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mrericsir topcommenter

What about the real PG&E workers scamming us with sky-high rates, frequent outages, and occasional explosions?  What can we do about them?  Why are we focusing on a tiny scam instead of a big one?


This is the most pathetic scam I've heard of since the "give me all your money because it has ghosts on it" one.

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