Muni Masturbator Finds A Little Too Much Pleasure in Waiting for the Bus

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No, this is not Muni's logo
SF Weekly has documented extensively its confusion and general objection to sharing a bus seat -- or a bus stop for that matter -- with people trying to get off on Muni.

So we're not that excited (!) to report that another person whacking off got a little too close to Muni last night. Bay City News reported that a 35-year-old man (old enough to know better) was first spotted pleasuring himself outside the California Pacific Medical Center in the Presidio Heights neighborhood yesterday morning at about 9 a.m.

When a witness asked the man to beat it (as in leave), he then relocated his hobby to a nearby bus stop where he reportedly picked up where he left off.

When enough was enough, someone called the cops, who put an end to the show. According to police, the man was detained and later arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure as well as several outstanding warrants, which was, presumably, an unpleasurable experience.

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it should be legal in SF as long as there are no children around. he wasn't harming anyone. adults can look away or join. what is so wrong with that?


Once when I was in high school, and living in the suburbs, I was hanging out in the city at a bus stop (I don't know why) and a bus stopped to pick us up. My friend said to the driver, "Oh, we're not getting on," and a guy in one of the front seats mouthed these words to us: "Are you getting off?"

At the time, we thought it was gross, but now I think it's hilarious.

Alex Vazquez
Alex Vazquez

I would walk up behind him and kick him in the balls.

Alan Scherstuhl
Alan Scherstuhl

Please don't write "came across" in updates about masturbation!

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