Max Joseph Plog-Horowitz: FBI Busts Man Who Allegedly Won't Stop Trying To Be A Cop

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This guy doesn't even look old enough to have his learner's permit let alone be a cop
Last Thursday, FBI agents arrested Max Joseph Plog-Horowitz, a 21-year-old Oakland resident, for allegedly continuing to impersonate a law enforcement officer. Authorities discovered that he had a riot-control gun, a loaded handgun, a Taser, and a badge, all of which helped him keep up his ruse.

Plog-Horowitz was already on probation, after getting convicted for the same crime several months before -- back in July, authorities found in his possession false government identification and other forged documents.

He's been charged with violating the terms of that probation.

And now the FBI is seeking the public's help. They are building a case against the faux cop and are hoping to find "those who may have come in contact with Plog-Horowitz while he was impersonating a law enforcement officer."

In the statement announcing the arrest, the FBI included a photo of Plog-Horowitz: he stands, with a serious face and his arms clasped behind his back, in front of a white, Ford F-250 truck; he wears a light green polo shirt and beige cargo pants, with a official-looking badge clipped to his belt.

According to court documents, Plog-Horowitz had also obtained business cards showing that he was a police officer. He told authorities that he used his fake police ID to purchase hollow-point ammunition and "beer once."

Plog-Horowitz is currently being held without bail in jail in Oakland. The FBI is asking anyone with information about him to call the bureau's San Francisco tip line at 415-553-7400.

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Michael W Humbert
Michael W Humbert

If you get stuck with a name like "Max Joseph Plog-Horowitz," you're bound to have some problems!

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