Local Venezuelans Hope Lots of Toilet Paper Will Wipe Away Problems in Their Homeland

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You think it's irritating when you use the toilet and find out after the fact that there's no toilet paper? Try relieving yourself in Venezuela.

The oil-rich and corrupt country of Venezuela has added a new problem to their shopping list of crises: no more toilet paper.

To help out, local Venezuelans will head down to the consulate in San Francisco today and protest the dwindling hygiene supplies in their native country. But they won't be all talk: the demonstrators will bring rolls and rolls of unused toilet paper that will be shipped to the South American county.

News reports today note that for the last few months, Venezuelans have been facing a shortage of everyday supplies, including soap, toothpaste, and now toilet paper.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Venezuelan National Assembly reconvened Tuesday after a three-week hiatus, and authorized a $79 million credit for the purchase of imported personal hygiene products, including 39 million rolls of toilet paper, 50 million sanitary napkins, 10 million bars of soap, 17 million disposable diapers, and three million tubes of toothpaste.

As the average human can attest, not having basic hygiene supplies makes it difficult for anyone to get through the week. Multiply that by 29 million people, give or take, and you have a serious level of dysfunction.

Per the Wall Street Journal:

In the name of Mr. Chávez's "Socialist Revolution," Venezuela's industrial and agricultural sectors have been hollowed out, and the fertile country has become more dependent on foreign goods than ever before in its modern history, importing around three-quarters of what it consumes. Yet because of the foreign exchange restrictions, importers can't obtain the dollars they need, the local bolivar currency trades at discount of around 75% on the black market and shortages are increasingly frequent.

To cap it all off, the government hasn't saved jack shit from its oil-price manna over the last decade.

If you're generally angry and you have a few extra rolls of TP to spare, head over to the Venezuela consulate today at noon and help get these people some relief.

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brookse32 topcommenter

This article is nonsense and reads like a carbon copy of thousands of similar articles which said exactly the same thing about the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

The actual reality is that for all of its very serious limitations, even in the -very- screwed up Soviet socialist system (which was only barely socialist in nature), almost everyone had a roof over their head, food to eat, and yes, enough personal hygiene  products.

It was only after modern finance capitalism succeeded in demolishing the Soviet Union that rampant poverty, crime, prostitution, homelessness, drug addiction, AIDS, etc. came to dominate the Russian underclass.

And the Venezuelan government, contrary to Erin's blatantly false claim that it is corrupt, is one of the most democratically run countries in the world, where the Carter Center (as in, President Jimmy Carter) has repeatedly found Venezuelan election results to be legitimate.

Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro have won repeated democratic elections with very high turnouts, and have established local neighborhood councils in Venezuela that are models of democracy that would make New Hampshire green with envy.

(That is, it -would- do so if New Hampshire wasn't being constantly bombarded in the main stream media by regurgitated CIA Cold War style bs spin about Venezuela that has no basis in reality - such as the lazy rip-and-read based article above.)

Since the political movement that Chavez and Maduro lead came into power a couple of decades ago, Venezuela has made huge gains in reversing poverty in Venezuela, and no doubt will continue to do so.

I would ask Ms Sherbert, that you actually research Venezuela in depth before presuming to pontificate on its weaknesses (and of course it does have some) in the future, so that what you write actually reflects reality.


And Hugo's legacy lives on. And why isn't Sean Penn donating a few cases?  

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